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Saturday, January 19, 2002


When I was growing up (1970's), there were two versions of the Bible that I was aware of: The KIng James Version and the Americanized Version. Although I tried reading both versions, I had difficulty understanding them. A few years ago, I discovered the New International Version of the Bible. The scripture made more sense to me, and it made me want to read the Bible more. It has opened my eyes to God's Word. It has also aided in my return to my original faith after a period of time in my life when I had rejected Christianity to the point of being anti-Christian.

I had no idea that this latest version of a timeless and sacred reference would be so controversial. There are those who adamantly refuse to acknowledge the New International Version as a legitimate version of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. I have a very good friend who faithfully reads the King James Version and belongs to a church that refuses to have anything to do with the New International Version. We love each other like sisters, but we feel so passionately about the two different versions that we have had to agree to disagree on which version is more "legitimate."

I wrote an e-mail to my sister Pamela a while back, asking her why there were so many different versions of the Bible and which one did she believe to be the most accurate. This was her response:

Did y'all know that in the old days, when Jesus walked in the flesh, there were at least two versions of the scriptures?
(1) Hebrew ... for the scholars
(2) Aramaic ... for real folks

Even though Jewish men were supposed to be able to read Hebrew, there was a version written more poetically and in everyday terms so that everyone could enjoy and have a decent understanding of God's word.

Did y'all know that there were many different English language translations of the scriptures when King James was translated? The scholar's aim was to put scriptures into the language of the day so that everyone could enjoy and have a decent understanding of God's word.

Did y'all know that the Bible talks about the gifts of the Holy Spirit as available to all believers for all times, but most "Christians" don't believe in them and try to say that was only for the first century church. That's not what the Bible says, in any translation.

Those who seek truth will find answers (usually accompanied by more questions). Those who don't want to know the truth will refute all legal, logical, and liturgical evidence.

Keep seeking God's truth!

Thanks Pamela! I needed that!

I guess what it boils down to is that we are to read whatever version we feel most comfortable with, so long as in our hearts and minds we are seeking God's truth.