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Tuesday, May 28, 2002

The Return of Soapbox

Soapbox is back! It's been gone for a year, but I'm finally bringing it back. My old topics are posted (less the ones that no longer apply), and I'm writing some more to be posted soon. Oh, and let me go ahead and answer these questions now: No, I'm not posting my old soapbox about the Comet Zone cursors. No, I was not threatened by the company; they were actually quite friendly and helpful. I don't use them on my website because they just don't fit in with my web site decor. No, I do not have their software downloaded on my computer so I can view them on other websites. If you want them, get them. If you don't want them, don't get them. People are making too much of a big deal about them. Can we drop this subject now?

Friday, May 03, 2002

The Move Is Complete

Well, the move has been done. It was a lot of work, having to go into each web page and change the links and e-mail address codes. It was worth it! Visitors to the pages formerly on Tripod will be redirected to the corresponding new pages. I've been trying to e-mail webringmasters and other organizations that I am a member of to let them know of my new URL and e-mail address.

I have retired my old guestbook from HTML Gear. Bravenet has a couple of guestbook features that HTML Gear does not have.

I won't be adding any more web themes for quite a while, unless I get some inspiration or if someone asks me to do a special design for him/her. I am going to be adding more stationery for downloading. I've already added four new sections: scenery, rosebuds, animals, and sailboats. As for the original three: angels, crosses, and Jesus, I will be redoing most of them since I learned how to use masks (the fuzzy edged special effect).

I'm thinking of adding an Aquazone page (I love Aquazone!). Fish are about all I can handle right now. I've managed to breed 2 Leopard Catfish and 12 Angelfish. My Rummy-nosed Tetras laid 20 eggs, but 12 of them died within 3 hours, so they're saved in a file until I can figure out what to do with them.

I may be putting together a list of programs that will NOT work on Windows XP. I think the public should know these so that they can decide whether or not to get Windows XP, or do as my friend Bill suggested (reformat and partition the hard drive, then install Windows 98). If anyone out there has Windows XP and know of programs that will not work on it, e-mail me at By the way, Hasbro Interactive's game Sorry! will not work on my computer, as well as almost all my cooking CDs from Multicomm. I've read that Myst is not XP compatible, also. Quiz Quest (Mind Grind) will play, but it will not be recognized by XP's Task Manager should you try the old "ALT - CTRL - DEL" maneuver. I have to resort to taking out the CD to close the game by encountering an error..