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Sunday, June 29, 2003

One Great Weekend

I just got back from spending the weekend with Soul Sister. It was just her and me: no husbands, no kids, no parents. And it was a very nice change of pace. It reminded me of when we were roommates in Atlanta. Back then, we didn't have much, but that was okay because we had each other as friends and the energy and imagination to make the best of the situation. Well, 16 years later, we don't have that energy, but we still have the creativity to keep things interesting. This was one of those weekends in which you come back feeling good.

I'm working on an article; I will post it soon.

(update 7/27/2003: I've given up on the article for now. I need to carry a mini tape recorder to record ideas as they hit me so I don't forget them later).

Monday, June 23, 2003

Being Appreciated

It feels good to be appreciated, and I'm going to leave it at that.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Arrogant Christians

I wish people who claim to be Christians would stop pushing the rhetoric of "no excuse" for someone not accepting Christ as their Savior. Last Friday, a friend of mine lost all credibility with me because of that attitude. In trying to convince/convert me, he blew it big time. His words smacked of "my way or the highway." Excuse me, but that is how a couple of so-called Christians pushed me into renouncing Christianity back in 1993. It took seven years for me to come back, and this friend almost pushed me into renunciation again.

He said that if someone is presented with the Word of Christ and he/she rejects it, then he/she is not going to Heaven. I would try to ask questions like, "What if someone was born and raised a certain religion and taught that Christianity is bad? " or "What if this person had only bad experiences with the Christian faith," or "What if he was never exposed to the Christian faith at all?" But he didn't want to hear them; he kept saying, "There's no excuse." I wouldn't accept what he was saying. I don't know if that frustrated him or not. When I tried once again to ask another question, but he sharply interrupted me with, "No excuse! There's no excuse, Michelle!" Needless to say, I clammed up; my anger growing in my heart as I wanted to tell him so bad, "Who the hell do you think you are to make judgments about people like that? Only God can decide who's going to Heaven or Hell; NOT YOU!!!! The Bible is not 100 percent accurate; it was written by men based on stories that have been verbally passed down to them. I really don't think any of us know what God wants, but we sure do push our own agendas veiled as God's Word, don't we?

I still consider myself a Christian. However, someone has been removed from my list of people to listen to about the Word of God. I'm sure he's probably thinking, "Well, she's going to get her feelings hurt more because that's just the way it is, whether she likes it or not." My response to that would be, "That's your arrogance shielding your ego from the fact that you're message has been rejected and that maybe it's time to look within yourself to find out why."

Monday, June 16, 2003

An Open Letter to Soul Sister's Husband

I want you, your girlfriend, and her mother to stop f$%&ing over my friend! It's bad enough you abandoned her! It's even worse that you stopped paying the light bill and let them get turned off. It's even worse that you made emotional living conditions so bad that my soul sister and her daughter (my God-niece) were driven from their home. Now you're preventing her from coming over to get her stuff?? Judge Gray declared that you cannot kick her out nor prevent her from coming over to get her stuff; you're in violation and risk jail time. Judge Gray also said that a restraining order can be taken out against your girlfriend and her mother, declaring them a threat to the family unit, so they'd have to stay off the property. Now you're keeping your daughters from her daughter to hurt my soul sister. All this stuff you're doing to her you're doing out of spite or under the direction of your girlfriend. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!!

I resent you for emotionally shattering her world. I resent you for continuing to deny her access to her own home out of spite. I resent you for turning mutual friends against her with lies originated by you and those two b#&%$es. I resent you for spending money on your girlfriend and her mother while your wife and step-daughter do without at home (writing a check to Pizza Hut for $28.00 worth of pizza for y'all the same week your wife and step-daughter are home eating peanut butter sandwiches because there was little food in the home is just one of many examples of just how selfish you've been). I resent you for letting Missy (one of her dogs) get stolen, knowing who stole her, and not doing anything about it. I resent you for lying to my friend, saying you love her when you want something, then verbally threatening her when she doesn't do what you want. I resent you for lying to her daughter, keeping her hopes up that she'll see her step-sisters soon when you have absolutely no intention of doing so, and all of it to hurt my friend.

Take heed this warning: the more you act out against her, the more penalties you and the other two face legally. I've got news for you! Anyone looking over this divorce case would rule against you. You're the one who abandoned her: physically, emotionally, and financially (your bank records and mortgage records can be subpeoned and there will be proof of financial abandonment). You're the one who neglected to do things around the house or with your family, but you'd run over to that woman's house in a heartbeat to run errands for her when she called you. You're the one who eventually moved in with your girlfriend (who has a reputation for breaking up marriages) and her mother (who is an ex-convict). You're the one who took cash from my friend to pay bills for her and pocketed the money instead. You're the one bouncing checks the last few months, yet it was your wife you posted your bond so you wouldn't have to sit in jail. In fact your girlfriend and her mother have recent arrest and/or ciminal records for writing worthless checks (a form of thievery, by the way). You've already violated the rights of your wife; your last letter proves that you intend to prevent your wife from accessing her home, threatening to change the locks on the home and holding her personal belongings hostage if she went over there again without YOUR permission. Given the venomous letters and e-mails from you (and your girlfriend and her mother), mortgage payment records, bank records, your lack of credibility, and the reputation of your girlfriend and her mother, whom do you think the judge/court is going to believe???

I was one of your staunchest supporters despite everyone else when you two got together and later married. I have never done anything to hurt you; I have helped you out quite a bit and proven my friendship to you. I found out you lied to me about something in your past. Was everything else you told her and me more lies? You're not keeping your word now; how do you expect us to believe you when you say you and that woman are just friends? You have absolutely no credibility anymore. Your actions speak louder than anything you could say at the point, and your actions are what have made me now disapprove of you.

Open season on my soul sister is over. KNOCK IT OFF!!!

Update 6/22/2003: He changed the locks on all the doors of the home and has been conveniently "unavailable" when she needs to get something of hers. She can't afford movers until around July 11. I have a feeling things are coming to a head that weekend; either he lets her in to get the rest of her stuff or he'll be going to jail.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Dean's World

The owner of the blog Dean's World has an open offer to anyone sick of Blogspot's alleged quirks and bugs (I say alleged because I don't use Blogspot). I left a comment (with a couple of questions) on it; I hope he contacts me. Troll site?

Sunday, June 01, 2003

My Heart Goes Out to Her

I miss my soul sister already. She, her daughter, and I went to see Finding Nemo this afternoon at the matinee. Then I had to say goodbye as she got in her car to go back to Moultrie. I hate what she and her daughter are going through. I hate feeling helpless. All I can do is pray. It's in God's hands. He knows what I want. It's up to Him.