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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Let's Have "A Good Time"

When people talk about "having a good time," what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Going to a movie? Eating in a restaurant? Traveling to another town, state, or country? Usually, you'll hear most people say, "I'm going out to have a good time." For some people, that is the only way they have a good time.

My next question is, who is with you? A friend? A spouse? A significant other? Your parents? Your children? Who do you associate with "having a good time?"

I've lived away from my hometown for over ten years before moving back, and I've made my share of weekend road trips visiting different places. I have learned one constant thing that is true in every situation of my life: it is not where you go; it is who you are with that greatly determines whether or not you enjoy yourself.

Don't get me wrong! There is nothing wrong with travelling alone. There is nothing wrong with meeting new people and getting to know them better. The circumstances I'm referring to are the ones in which you are with someone else in your pursuit to have a good time.

When I was younger, it was trendy and the thing to do to go out to the clubs on the weekends to dance, drink, and meet people. As much as I wanted to be part of "the scene," I felt very out of place. You can be among a crowd of people and still feel alone. If I wasn't with a group of friends, I didn't enjoy myself nearly as much.

I've grown to cherish the friendships I have. CoolWanda, for example, with her extroverted personality and her sensitive, caring nature made being with her fun and nurturing. She's not a phony status-seeker; she's the real deal.

Soul sister is another example. She has the attitude to make the best out of any situation. No matter what you do with her, you're not bored. With her sense of humor, she can take any situation and skewer it into a funny punchline.

I mustn't forget Childhood Friend. She's known me the longest: 29 years. I admire her intelligence and her strength to deal with any problem. She has a strong sense of values that is seriously lacking in people today. There would be some years in which we were unable to be in contact with each other. When we did finally see each other again, it was as if we never parted.

The Honeymooners are rare gems, indeed. It's very rare to meet people who embody the definition of "loving relationship." I'm very happy to be single, but if I were to ever meet "the right man," I hope that I have the same kind of relationship this couple has. There is so much love when I visit their home.

Tripgirl is a lady who I never thought I'd have a bond with, but I'm thrilled to call her a good friend. She's someone who was always willing to try new things but could still keep her feet firmly planted on the ground. Being the caring person she is, she could express an opposing opinion without sounding judgmental. She's doing great as a first-time mom, too. I don't remember seeing many women with such patience with a two-year old.

I could go on, but I you get the point. The friends in my life have substance and enrich my life by just being themselves; I only hope I do the same for them. Every moment I spend with them, however mundane, is a moment that I look back later with fondness and satisfaction.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Music Sharing Lawsuits

Okay, let's get down to it. The RIAA had lawsuit papers served on over 280 people in this country for sharing music files on the internet. They claim they are losing money because people are freely sharing copies of music instead of purchasing the albums.

I can understand why the RIAA wants to stop sharing the music files, but I do not agree with their handling of the situation. I predict this will be a case in which they'll win the battle but lose the war. The customer backlash will negatively affect sales further. Music sales in second-hand or consignment shops will increase because the money used to purchase the music in those places will NOT go to the RIAA. CDs, cassettes, and vinyl records can be sold over and over again, but the RIAA will only get their money on the first purchase.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens. Because of all this hoopla, I won't be purchasing any audio CDs anytime soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

The Mundling Zone turns "4"

I know! I know! It's been a month since I made an entry! I've had a lot going on; nothing bad, just busy.

My website ... my "baby" is 4 years old today. I think about all the changes it had gone through since the Planet Xanadu days. My site has had more facelifts than Dolly Parton. This site is my heart, a reflection of the real me.

I updated my recipe links page. I had to remove 10 dead links. One link kept giving me a timeout error. I'll recheck it in a couple of weeks. I'll zap it if it's not back up by then.