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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Poetry Moved/Love of Writing

I decided to take advantage of Blogger's template for ease of publishing my poetry.

Someone asked me if I was going to stop creating web graphics since I seem to be using Blogger for more things. The answer is no. It's just that Blogger has made it easy for me to write my thoughts then upload it to my site with just a click of the mouse. Using the older method, that meant finding the right photo/picture graphics, deciding what color to use, which PSP mask to use, creating the textured background, yada yada yada ... you get the point. I love creating web graphics, but I've gotten to the point that the more I've learned, the pickier I became. Besides, who's to say it how antiquated it may look in a few years? I mean, after all, look how far web design overall has come in just five years? I don't even know how to do shockwave flash yet.

My first loves have always been writing and photography. My interest in computers (both programming and operation) grabbed me in high school, although reality bit me in the butt a couple of years later about what was involved with computer programming. Now at age 40, I'm able to combine my love for writing, photography, and computer operation. The icing on the cake is that computers can be used for so much more than just photos and writing essays: entertainment, communication, problem-solving, reasearch, artistic expression, etc. To say I love my computer would be an understatement.

My poetry is not earth-shaking by any means, but they all mean something to me. If they can comfort, inspire, or otherwise help another person in a positive way, the high I get from that is just indescribable. Of couse, I know I can't please everyone and not everyone is going to like my work, and that's fine. But my poems are uniquely mine and are a true expression of me and my feelings.

Have I thought about writing stories. Yes, all the time. I get story ideas, but they'd be short stories. Usually they hit me after a weird dream or while I'm in my truck on the way to or from work. In either case, by the time I get to a keyboard, my inspiration fades back into obscurity. I did try to write a novel back in 1991 -1993 and got about 3 chapters written. However, I wrote myself into a corner and never could resolve the sub-plot to make it fit the story and be believeable. I finally decided it was a lousy story after the word processor tore up and the specialized data disks wouldn't work in another machine.

Do I have dreams of becoming a "published" author? Not really. To me, blogging is not really so much "publishing" as a means to express thoughtful opinions. I've had people approach me and tell me I should have my poetry published to make money. Maybe later, but not now. I'm not ready for the obligations that come with that. Maybe when I retire from my job and can devote more time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Spamcop Account Closed

I know it's been over a month since my last entry, but I've been having to deal with issues at work and at home. I will have more to add by this weekend, but for now, this will have to suffice.

I do want to make an official announcement that I have closed my Spamcop e-mail address. GoDaddy allows me up to 500 e-mail addresses, and it has a spam filter and anti-virus scanner. It doesn't make sense to pay $30 a year for an e-mail account. I do believe in what Spamcop is doing, and I wish the company continued success.