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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 is Not Evil ...

... and I'm sick of hearing about it.

Someone named Nathan Tabor has published a story about the evils of and how is the "Latest Danger in Cyberworld."

This is my response to his and other stories on the so-called evil cannot be blamed for teenage girls who willingly lie about their age and post provocative pictures of themselves. Nobody forced them to open an account. cannot be blamed for sexual predators stalking underage children. Just because the site exists doesn't give the predators an excuse as to why they pursue underage teens. cannot be blamed for the ills of the Internet community spilling over into our society.

It is time to stop pointing fingers at everyone and everything instead of pointing fingers at those who misuse a service to misbehave. It's time to start holding the offenders accountable for their actions. When the youngsters who lie on MySpace get caught, there should be stronger sanctions against them than just having their account deleted. They're committing fraud; let's prosecute them for fraud. They'll knock it off when there are real consequences to their actions.

It's time for parents to stop being lazy in their duties as parents and start monitoring their children's Internet activities. Too inconvenient? Sorry, but no one said being a parent was easy. Get off your ass and get over it.

As for the sexual predators, they're going to go where the kids are: malls, chat rooms, myspace, facebook, fast food restaurants, ball games, school functions, etc. Shutting down anything is not going to solve the problem.

Any tool or service can be used for good or bad. It's up to us to determine how it should be used.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

F. Valentino Morales "Official" MySpace Page

F. Valentino Morales, actor, bodyguard, and good friend of Vin Diesel, has a new MySpace page. Visit his page at

Morales is the same one I mentioned in my blog entry back in November 2005 (loyalty in friendship and the willingness to stand up for someone else when everyone else is against that someone; traits I deeply admire). He's been in several movies including but not limited to Shaft, The Fast and the Furious, The Pacifier, and Find Me Guilty.

The layout of his page is pleasant to look at and easy to navigate. It's informative and has quite a few pictures. Morales' page is not boring and is worth the visit.

Keep an eye on this guy.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Ten Years Ago

Where were you in life ten years ago?

I'm looking back to how my life has changed. I was still living in Atlanta, Georgia. I had washed myself from an abusive casual relationship, finally made enough money from my full-time job to quit my part-time job, looked forward to the 1996 Olympics, and worked on documenting my video diary. I didn't have a car, but I was lucky enough to be our job's vanpool coordinator, so I had transportation to and from work. I had to scrape pennies, but I had my own place and lived by my own rules. I had heard of the Internet, but I had never seen it.

Now, my income has more than doubled, and I enjoy putting money into savings every payday. I own two vehicles and live in a nice home ... not an apartment. Since I moved back to Waycross, I have a lot more friends, and I certainly enjoy getting out more. Not only have I been to the Internet, but I'm achieving my goals of featuring my writing. In addition, I have now discovered web design and graphics.

Am I better off now than I was ten years ago? Oh hell yes!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What Part of "Leave Me Alone" Don't You Understand?

I'm not sure how to handle this situation.

Earlier this week, I received a MySpace message from someone who has been instructed in the past not to contact me. I did not read the message; I deleted it.

This person and I have a mutual friend. I've already reprimanded this friend in the past for encouraging this person to contact me. I have a feeling this friend is doing it again. Perhaps they feel that since my mother died last January, it's "safe" to try to contact me again.

In the past, this person had an unintentional knack for getting into trouble and involving anyone this person hung around with. Now, I work for the Georgia Department of Corrections ... a law-enforcement agency. I am not supposed to have ANY personal or business dealings with inmates, parolees, nor probationers. A couple of this person's friends at the time fit into two of these catagories and put me in situations in which I could have lost my job.

This person also had a tendency to retell a story that wasn't what was originally said. For example, if I were to say, "We had almost 2 feet of snow," this person would retell what I said as, "Michelle said they had over 2 feet of snow." I won't go into further detail because it is not my intention to embarrass or shame this person.

The final straw was when this person and a couple of friends did something that my dad informed me was a federal offense. When I informed this person of what Dad told me, the reply I got was to the effect of, "They don't care; everyone does it." Because of this person's behavior, I was told by my family and a long time friend that I would be disowned if I have anything to do with this person. I lost my mother last Janary; I'm not about to lose my dad, my sister, my best friend, and my job just because someone won't take "leave me alone," for an answer.

I don't wish this person ill will. I honestly want this person to be happy, have many friends, and have a fulfilling, wonderful life. However, I want this person to never contact me again.

I have considered contacting my lawyer about getting a restraining order, but I'm going to wait and see what happens.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yesterday's Immigrant "Strike"

Well, the "strike" has come and gone, but the massive "shutdown" never happened. They tried, but they failed to shut down any cities. Some parents kept their children home and some businesses closed, but that was mainly due to safety concerns stemming from the attitude some of the protesters were showing as the May 1 date drew closer.

Charlie Daniels said it best in these two entries from his Soapbox archives:

I don't know of any other way to say it. I agree with what he wrote 100 percent.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm not close-minded, I'm not racist, and I'm not a hater. I live in (what I believe to be) the best country in the world, and I'm proud to call myself an American. I'm was raised in a military family and, I'm fiercely patriotic. I know my country has flaws, but no country is perfect.

I believe everyone who wants to come to our country to live should have every opportunity to do so, but for crying out loud, follow our laws!! That includes waiting your turn to come in legally. You want to become a citizen? Wonderful! I'd love to have you as a neighbor! Just learn our language before you take the oath of citizenship. You'd be expected to do the same in other countries. Ours should be no exception.

That's how I feel ... pure and simple.