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Thursday, September 28, 2006

In The Eyes of David E Breaux

David E Breaux is a man who shows the world what he sees through the lens of a camera.

Working with One Race Films, some of his documentaries include In The Mind of the Homeless, Life Is A Dream, We The People, and The Humiliation Process. In Breaux's documentaries, the subjects are everyday ordinary people. What each person has to say can range from philosophic and reflective to brutal and raw ... all honest and real.

This is the trailer for Life Is A Dream, starring Valentino Morales. In 2004, it won awards at the New York Independent International Film Festival and the Dominican International Film Festival.

Get this video and more at

Trailers of Breaux's documentaries can be found at He also has a MySpace page located at Both are worth a look.

Speaking for myself, I'm glad to see a company like One Race Films produce and back people like Breaux.