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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Along Came A Spider

Yesterday evening, I came home to a hot house. My air conditioner was not working. The fans were blowing, but the outside unit was dead silent. It was 92 degrees inside the house and both my dogs were on the floor panting.

It was 7pm on a Friday at the start of the Labor Day weekend, so I knew it was going to be a challenge to find someone willing to come this weekend, much less that night.

I called four companies:

The first one, I got an answering machine, telling me their regular service hours and who to call in case it was an emergency. I was unable to leave a message. Was my situation an emergency? Probably not to them.

The second one had two phone numbers: one local and one toll-free. There was no answer on either one. I waited two minutes before hanging up on the first one. The toll-free one disconnected after less than a minute.

I got an answering machine on the third one, and I was at least able to leave a message. I still haven't heard from him, though.

The fourth one, I got a LIVE PERSON!! She was so pleasant and understanding! She contacted a technician, and he got here in less than an hour. He got the compressor going and was finished in less than 30 minutes. He also checked my freon level, my coils, and other things while he was there. He assured me that my unit was in good condition and should be okay. The bill was less than $100.00 total. I was so grateful to this man; by the time he arrived here, my arms and legs were slick with sweat. If he was unable to make the repairs that night, my dogs and I were going to stay in a motel.

So what was wrong with my air conditioner? A spider ... yes, A SPIDER!! ... got inside the unit and trashed the contacts, breaking the electrical flow to the compressor.

I hope it was a painful death for the spider.