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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

One of those Days

Ever had one of those days (or one of those weeks) in which you just have your fill with other people's bullshizzle and you just want to say, "Whatever! I am outta here!" You know, phrases like, "Uh uh pal; talk to the hand," come to mind?

We all do some degree of observing human nature. It may involve analyzing the behavior of one or of many. It may even involve analyzing one's own behavior. Some people's behavior is automatic and done without thinking. Others behave in a manner that is purposefully deliberate.

Whether the behavior is good or bad is, in essence, subjective. The very actions of one person can be perceived as friendly and sociable. Those same actions can be perceived as pushy and nose by someone else. When I hear the phrase, "You can't please everybody," I know very well just how true it is.

I guess maybe my frustration may be stemming from an observation about certain people and how they interact with others. The problem is then compounded by my love and devotion for those affected. If I ignore what I see, I'm could be neglecting a friend in need. If I put in my two-cents worth, I could be interfering in something that may be none of my business. Depending on the person/people involved, it's hard to see where the line is drawn.

I tend to be analytical in my thinking. In fact, I've been told that I can overthink a simple situation. It's a blessing and a curse at the same time. At the same time that I've avoided potential problems, I've also created problems because I overanalyzed the situation.

This entry may seem vague, but it actually applies to several things going on in my life right now. No, I'm not unhappy, but I'm at that point now that I'm "analyzing" where I am with my life and what I want to do in the future. I'm trying to hang in there with my current job until I've put in enough years to retire. I've thought about going back to school. I've thought about opening up my own business, preferably home-based. I've thought about taking more road trips. I've thought about doing more hands-on volunteer work. I'm sure I'll change my mind several times before that day finally comes.

I've made the comment that on the day I retire, I'm going to pop in a CD with Johnny Paycheck's hit "Take This Job and Shove It" and play it full blast as I leave the parking lot. Then on the day after, I was going to a local beauty salon to get my hair dyed cherry red. What's funny is that people think I'm joking about the hair deal. They don't know that when I was a little girl, all the females in my coloring books had red hair. I wanted red hair. I don't really know why; I just did. It may never happen, but I've learned to "never say never."

Did sleep deprivation cause me to write this missive? Maybe. If I stay awake longer than 20 hours straight, I start to get silly like I'm under the influence of alcohol. However, I've been only getting about four hours of sleep a night for the last two nights. I think I'm going to wrap this up and go to bed.


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