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Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Time To Revisit Where You Stand

I've been reading from various sources about current political topics from the media, the bloggers, and people expressing opinions. I am noticing, especially in the political arena, that the ones who are harping the loudest about a potential legislation are the ones who WILL NOT be affected by the decision. It's not just Congress members voting as they wish while ignoring the needs of their constituents. It could be people from one state traveling to another state to protest something going on that has nothing to do with them. It could be people from other countries who feel the need to criticize what is going on in our country.

Now, I'm all for people having a right to voice their opinion. However, I draw the line when they become so vocal, so intrusive, so blindsided by their own beliefs and politics that what they say drowns out the voices of those affected. I draw the line when these people, who do not have a dog in the fight, interfere with legal events and lawful assembly.

To the mainstream media (this includes the left, the right, the libertarian, the green, and whoever else the media leans toward at one time or another): stop spinning the news and just report the facts. All you're doing is confusing people or making them wary of any news you have to report. Revisit your journalistic ethics and knock off twisting the news for ratings.

To the legislators who are ignoring constituents and avoiding the town hall participants: this is not what you were elected to do. If you can't stand the heat, it's time to get out of the kitchen. Nobody said this job was going to be easy.

As for our foreign critics: unless you or your family live in this country, unless you or your family are going to be affected by any legislative bill being voted on, unless you or your family will be adversely affected by something going on in this country ... back off and leave it to our citizens to sort out their own battles.

Finally, I am neither "right-wing" nor "left-wing." I am neither "conservative" nor "liberal." It depends on the issue as to where I stand. Stop trying to label me. I am an American, born and raised, and a registered voter. That should be enough.

Monday, August 17, 2009

PeTA Can Kiss My Big Fat Whale Butt

I had finished playing FarmVille in my FaceBook account while listening to the news on WJXT. I heard a news segment about a new billboard up in Jacksonville from PeTA. The billboard said "Save the Whales" and "Lose the blubber ... go vegan." It had a picture of a bikini-wearing obese woman in the foreground and a beach scene in the background.

Any respect I had for PeTA went out the window.

One of the reporters spoke with Ashley Byrne, a representative of the organization. She agreed that it was provocative, but it was to encourage women to lose the weight by becoming vegans.

Encourage? Outrage would be a more appropriate word.

An entry in shows that I'm not the only one who was upset by this billboard. What is this, open season on fat people because it's now politically incorrect to make fun of and discriminate against anybody else? went a step further and compiled a list of 'vegetarian' items from PeTA's web site that would not help anyone with losing weight.

According to Kim Hayes from the Orlando Sentinel, "I know the truth hurts, but this isn't the truth. And it all seems a bit harsh for an organization advocating the "ethical" treatment of living things, doesn't it?" This is from a health and fitness reporter. She certainly nailed it on the head.

Seems to me PeTA is more interested in being provocative in their message with their "in your face" tactics than actually having people digest their message in a non-threatening manner. PeTA's tactics have been called into question before. Two examples that immediately come to mind are (1) the alleged funding to defend those who have been accused of arson, and (2) the taking in people's pets who have to give them up, promising to find new homes for the animals, then euthanizing the animals and dumping the bodies in dumpsters. Links to other sites with this information are at the bottom of this blog entry.

People who know me know that I am an animal rights supporter. I support the Best Friends Society, ASPCA, and the Humane Society of the United States. I've also lent support to our local animal shelter and made various donations to animal shelters at other locations. There are way too many other animal welfare organizations out there who, in my honest opinion, do more good than anything PeTA has done that could counteract the proverbial face-slapping they've done to human beings over the years.

So like I said ... PeTA can kiss my big fat whale butt. With PeTA's big mouth, they can do it in one smooch!!

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

TLC's "Toddlers and Tiaras"

I've been watching a show called Toddlers and Tiaras on the TLC channel. No, I'm not watching the show for entertainment. It's more like watching something because you can't believe that this stuff really exists.

The age of these children, in my honest opinion, are too young. I strongly suspect the editors of the TLC show have to do some creative editing to make the show look like a positive event for these very young children. You know, I'd be willing to give them the argument that these pageants teach self confidence if it weren't for all the other fakery that is pushed on the children. I'm sorry, but with all the news reports of pedophiles enticing young children for immoral purposes, WHY are we allowing toddlers to look like very young adults? Tons of makeup, wigs, hair extensions, fake teeth, fake eyelashes ... I'm past offended. I'm disgusted.

These toddler pageants are not for the kids; they're for the parents. The parents claim they're encouraging their children to participate, but when they're only three, four, even six years of age, I suspect that it's more forced. A child is not going to want to disappoint mommy by saying no I don't want to do this, so they go through the motions to make mommy happy. Even if I give in to the argument that the child wants to participate in these toddler pageants, the message they're teaching the kids is still skewed. You're trying to teach a child self confidence, but yet you have this child put on fake teeth to cover missing teeth, hair extensions because the hair is not "full enough," and enough makeup to rival the late Tammy Faye Messner? Spare me! You're making your child look like a prosti-tot. Sorry if I offend any readers, but I am genuinely concerned about the mindset the child participants are going to grow up with.

I'm not knocking beauty pageants in general. I just think that they should wait until the child is 13 to enter any beauty pageants. Even then, there should be a ban on excessive makeup and such. Now, if you want to make it a costume contest or a fantasy character contest, THEN by all means do the makeup, fake hair, fake eyelashes, and all that other stuff. Just don't call it a beauty contest.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Bitching Post

Yeah, I'm in THAT kind of mood.

Been reading the news on the television and the Internet. I watch some reality shows and am amazed at how some people act and live. Even my own personal interactions with others can leave me feeling disrespected or misunderstood. Reading and watching current events, I'm finding strong feelings stirring in my soul.

Out of curiosity, I started compiling a list of things that bug me. It ended up growing larger than I anticipated. You know, what sets us off or makes us react with, "You know, I don't like it when ... " Some of these things are just petty annoyances, but some of these things really piss me off.

In no particular order, here the things that bug me:

People who park in handicap parking spaces but do not have handicap permits nor handicap tags on their vehicle.

People who take up a motorized shopping cart to keep their kids entertained.

Stores whose policy does not allow employees to repossess a motorized cart from a customer who clearly doesn't need one.

Store employees who make no attempt to keep motorized store carts charged up.

People who claim they're being oppressed or prevented from succeeding in life, then point to those who have done well for themselves and accuse them of selling out.

People who borrow money, get a sudden windfall of cash, and do not offer any of it toward what they owe you.

People who file frivilous lawsuits.

Lawyers who take frivilous cases for said lawsuits.

People who claim they want less government control in their lives but yet are first in line for whatever government handout they can get a hold of.

People who reject something being said just because it's coming from a member of an opposite political party.


Rude people

Arrogant people

Dishonest people


Cruel people

Mean people

Fat jokes

Child abusers

Spouse abusers

Elderly abusers

Gold diggers

Deadbeat parents

Mothers who keep having babies because "it's their right," but then constantly pawn the children off on other people to go partying.

Mothers who keep having babies so they can get a larger welfare check.

Men who will not learn from their first mistake and do something to prevent another accidental pregnancy (like using contraception, getting a vasectomy, keeping their pants on ...)

Women who get pregnant to trap a man.

People who collect child support but spend the funds for frivilous items that have nothing to do with the children.

People who live off the child support as their sole household income.

People who let a boyfriend or girlfriend move in and live off the child support as the sole household income.

Parents who think it's funny or cute when their children misbehave.

People who demand that their point of view be respected and honored but will not do the same for you.

People who treat you one way when it's just the two of you, but treat you differently when other people are around.

People who see you have two or more of something (that you paid for) and think it's their right to have one of them. Then when you object, they respond with "You don't need two of (whatever)."

People who think it's fun to torture an animal.

People who show disrespect to military troops and their families because they oppose the war they're fighting in.

People who demand their free speech rights but will not take responsibility for what they say.

Officers who, upon checking my bag for banned personal electronic gadgets like cell phones, see my diabetic glucometer and loudly exclaim, "That's a cell phone!!" in a manner that would lead people to believe they just spotted America's most wanted criminal.

Officers who drive 50 miles per hour in a 55 MPH zone.

Supervisors who have taken a personal dislike to you and take it out on you under the guise of "doing their job."

Celebrities who act like authority figures for their favorite cause and loudly declare you wrong if you don't agree with them.

People who want to take away my constitutional right to bear arms.

Internet spam.

People who take it personally when you express an opinion.