Below is my drivers license photo and three different makeovers created with the Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover Program. As you can see, it really does work. Unfortunately, it will not display the actual made-over photos. I had to print the pictures and then scan them in order to save them in jpg format for everyone to view them on this website.
By the way, my natural hair and eye color is dark brown.
Original Photo
blonde hair and blue eyes added
Natural color, longer hair
red hair and green eyes added
I was hoping to include photos of friends made over with the program. At least my printer is fixed. Maybe one day I'll get a color ink cartridge for it. Anyways, I basically wanted to show that these type programs do work, and you can decide what kind of hairstyle you want BEFORE you go out and butcher your hair.
This is a really cool program that I purchased for only $20.00. It's worth it!