The Mundling Zone was created to feature some of my hobbies that I enjoy doing in my spare time. Those hobbies include collecting unicorn figurines, collecting mardi-gras masks, collecting recipes, creating and editing computer graphics and pictures, and writing poetry. I have other hobbies I like to work on that are not featured on this site. It's kind of hard to show cross stitch projects, floral arrangements, or crochet work when all of your creations were given as gifts and are not available to be photographed for display.  Lately, I've found that I like certain items in animal print, so I may be featuring them soon.
I've learned so much since I first accessed the internet in June 1998, and I know I still have a lot more to learn. I never thought I'd ever have a website, let alone be the webmaster of it and three other sites. At one time, I thought I would like to turn this relatively new hobby into a part-time business, but with recent events happening in my life, I'm not so sure now.  Don't get me wrong!  I enjoy working on websites, but more at a leisurely pace than trying to meet a deadline.
Like many other webmasters, I work hard to create, fine-tune, and maintain a website. I consider this site to be my pride and joy ... an evolution of a skill learned, practiced, and hopefully to-be-mastered. I like putting my hobbies on display with this website in a creative manner that is uniquely mine while making it pleasing to the eyes of internet visitors. I walk that fine line between artistic integrity and public approval.
One of the ways I determine what people like to look at/read is by setting up a web tracker. The intentions of installing a tracker are to determine the popularity of the web pages, where the visitor is from, which page the visitor surfed from, and how long the visitor stayed. There are trackers set up at various places on my site for these purposes.
The results were astonishing and educational. My free graphics section is gaining popularity at a blistering pace in comparison to the rest of my website. My recipe links page has quietly gained attention as different search engines have spidered the page into their directories. My poetry section comes third, with the remaining pages of the site
Like many webmasters, there are ethics I make every effort to maintain about this site: I do not create nor collect web awards, I strive to honor the copyright of any works used on this site, I strive to post any information in a truthful, non-slanderous manner, and finally ... I do not sign a website's guestbook unless I have visited at least half of it.
Before I close, I'd like to make a clarification about how I refer to myself. I am a webmaster. Yes, I am a woman, and the term web mistress would also apply to me. However, I feel that to refer to me with a gender-specific title would differentiate me from the general group that I belong to. It is appropriate (and preferential to me) to be referred to a term that can be applied to both men and women.
As I change and evolve, so will The Mundling Zone.