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I have quite an extensive collection (70 images); it may take some time to display. The photos were taken with a flashless digital camera in medium light.  I know they're not the greatest pictures in the world, and I do intend to retake the photos now that I have a much better digital camera (a birthday gift from my parents ... thank you Mom and Dad).
I have always liked unicorns, but it was not until 1990 that I decided to get serious and collect figurines and other items that featured images of unicorns.  At one time, I seriously considered getting rid of them, based on some things my sister said about them.  I gave my self a two year sabbatical ... no unicorns.  Well, my two years is up, and I still like unicorns.
I do not collect these items for dollar value! My collection is strictly for sentimental reasons. After all, isn't that what collecting is all about?