This page features many of the websites that I like to visit.  I have them separated into different categories.  Many are worth a look.
Lisa Brooks' website; has photos of her previous pets.
Wanda Adams' Christian website; she speaks from the heart
Kimberly Owens' website; features her family
My friend Bill has a pretty cool site that he created the hard way (no web-editing software).  Don't let his website fool you!  When it comes to computers and coding, he is very very smart!
My friend Dan owns this website.  He has a lot of great gift items at bargain prices!
My friend Don owns this website.  If you're looking for a vacation spot in the St. Augustine area, this is the place to go!
I have another website; it dedicated to my savior Jesus Christ
A website featuring information about my hometown
Ware Op-Ed and News, seeking everyone's version of the truth.
Be sure to check out The Green Screen
The official website of the Waycross Journal Heard
The official website of the Okefenokee Swamp Park.  The cabin on Pioneer Island is dedicated to my late maternal grandfather.
Obediah's Okefenok is the 1800's Restored Homestead of Obediah Barber (1825-1909)
Website for the Waycross Tourism and Conference Bureau
The official website of the Okefenokee Area Development Authority
If you're like me, you've at one time or another forwarded e-mail and/or ICQ hoaxes w/o thinking twice. Well, guess what? I was a fool for doing so, and so are you if you're still doing it. Before you forward another ICQ or e-mail rumor, please click on one of these links.  They will open your eyes and make you aware of just how gullible we have been.
Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Prevention Websites
Websites Fighting Discrimination Against Fat People
My sources for most of my computer software
BBWs!  Patronize these sites and dress in style!
Hard-to-find cell phone accessories here
I fell in love with the Volkswagen Thing 30 years ago, and I still want to own one someday.  Until then, I'll have to be satisfied with visiting websites of other fans of the Volkswagen Thing.
More will be added as I continue to surf the internet.