In Memory Of
Alvie Jean Holton Melton
May 28, 1936 - December 6, 1999
My Journey Has Just Begun
God knows of your grief and your emotions of dismay
He sent me with an explanation as to why I've gone away
God said it was my time and took me under his arm
He had a new job for me to help protect others from harm
A guardian angel for loved ones is what I wanted to be
All the good I hoped to do is now possible by me
Inspiring the ones with a need to create
Comforting the victims of another's hate
Granting the confused with a vision of clarity
Convincing the miser to give to charity
No more fruitless days! I'll have so much to do!
The best part of it is, my love will always be with you
I'll walk this path of fulfillment with my Father and His Son
My time on earth is over, but my journey has just begun
(c) M R Mundling
Miss Jean never had an easy life. What most of us took for granted she either did without or worked extra hard to get it. She was not bitter about it. She managed to raise five children, all grown and on their own and all doing better now than when they were growing up.
Jean was a friendly, loving person. Anyone who showed up at her door was welcome. Anyone who came inside her home saw and felt immediately the deep love she had for her family and the strong faith she had in God.
Even as her health deteriorated, she would make the necessary adjustments in her life to continue to live. Despite how she felt, she worked hard to make sure that she didn't show it when friends would come to visit. Even during the biggest fight that would eventually take her life.
Ovarian cancer is a silent killer that can develop at any time in a woman. Often, there are no symptoms until the cancer has metastasized to other areas of the body. In Jean's case, the cancer was not discovered until it had spread to her lungs (a patient with lung cancer who had never had a cigarette in her life). Originally , they gave her only three to six months to live. However, Jean was a fighter (and stubborn enough to prove those doctors wrong); she lived 22 months before she finally succumbed to the disease, surrounded by her loving family. By then, she knew that she was leaving to go to The Lord.
Those of us who knew Jean will miss her terribly. Please don't let what happened to Jean happen to you or a loved one. Talk to your doctor about ovarian cancer. If you have a family history of cancer of any kind, be sure to tell your physician. Remember, early detection means early cure.