Poetry by Michelle Mundling

I am the true and sole author of all the poems posted to this web site.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Believe In You

If you put your dreams
Upon a dusty shelf
Because you lost faith
You didn't believe in yourself

Maybe you were discouraged
By people who were cruel
Who said you couldn't make it
Don't be the naysayers' fool

Dreams can come true
Though some will never get it
Because a neglected dream will die
But only if you let it

Anything is possible
If you put your mind to it
It takes hard work and practice
You've just got to do it

You have to want it enough
Earned with sweat, aches, and tears
It may take days, it may take months
It may take several years

It's not going to be easy
At times it may be hard
But the bigger you put forth the effort
The bigger the reap the reward

Don't worry about your challenges
Or what people see in you
You're not alone in your journey
Because I believe in you

When you finally make your mark
And success is in the air
Please know this poem was written
To let you know I care

(c) Michelle Mundling
August 2006

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Visible Christian

You think you're on some holy mission
By telling everyone you're a good Christian
Trying to save souls? Not with that attitude!
You're pretending to be nice but instead you're rude

It's all I can do to try to get along
With someone who thinks (s)he can never do wrong
I'm not perfect; I never claimed to be
So I don't appreciate your chastising me

You're quick to tell me my actions are bad
Detailing my faults with a myriad
Of various quotes from the holy bible
*Nagging me about how I'm so liable

Judge not lest ye be judged
Yet your opinion of yourself won't be budged
Focusing on someone else's splintered eye
While blinded by the plank in both your eyes

You're not my dad, you're not my mother
You say one thing then do the other
Actions speak louder than words, your deeds
Only satisfy your insecure needs

You're what they call a visible Christian
Hurting fellow lambs by your imposition
Soiling the glorious testimony of others
Making it harder for your sisters and brothers

Are you that arrogant, or haven't you heard
We're all trying to live by His holy word
Living by example speaks loudest to all
But you're setting yourself up for a humiliating fall

So tell me, what would Jesus do?
I don't think He'd be acting like you
Spare me from your saving "grace"
Until you clean up your act, get out of my face

Michelle Mundling
March 2005

*With thanks to Debra Thomas for bringing to my attention an inappropriate verse in the original publication. It has been modified to rectify the situation.